Director:  Shaun Phillips

Consulting Producer:  Candice Vernon

Genre:  Documentary (Feature)


Wilmington Delaware is the #1 city for teen violence in the USA, yet no one seems to care. This town of about 75,000 people, located about 30 minutes south of Philadelphia, has a per capita teen violence rate nearly double larger cities like Chicago or Detroit, places that get all of the national press. Why is youth crime in Wilmington so out of control? Why is this happening? This film will shine light on the teen violence issue and highlight efforts being made to improve the situation.

Anthology Zero: The Beatles at their Best

Director:  Shaun Phillips

Producer:  Shaun Phillips

Genre:  Documentry (Short)


"We were at our best when we were playing in the dance halls of Liverpool and Hamburg. The world never saw that." - John Lennon


Best Documentary winner at the New England Underground Film Festival and first film ever to receive a perfect score from IndyRed.com, "The Beatles at their Best" is a fresh look at the story behind the making of the most successful band in entertainment history.   Using video clips and photographs found on the Internet, many only recently available, with additional narration by filmmaker Shaun Phillips, it is Rock & Roll history told from an alternate point of view.  "The Beatles at their Best" is the true story, you've probably never heard, about the band you thought you knew everything about.

Apartment 309

Director:  Candice Vernon

Producers:  Candice Vernon, Sasha Charlemagne, Shaun Phillips

Genre:  Drama (Short)


Apartment 309 is an inspiring story of two teenage sisters struggle for freedom, whom both undergo a dramatic change causing pain and hardship in their adolescent lives. The film focuses on the bond between the sisters, who have been dealt a bad hand after the tragic death of their mother.  Because the two are minors, their stepfather is given custody of them.  This is the worst thing that could happen!  The girls are thrown into a world of prostitution and are faced with two options, give up and accept defeat or escape and die trying.  Starring Shannon Foster, Taylor Bright, Jayson Wooley & Ice-T





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